kite in May

May marks the kickoff of summer, and for kitesurfing enthusiasts, Europe becomes the go-to destination with warm waters, sunlit days, and a plethora of accessible spots for thrilling sessions. Say goodbye to lengthy flights to remote locations; the best kitesurfing experiences are just a few hundred kilometers away.

Here are the top spots for kitesurfing in May. While the ranking might vary based on personal preferences, one destination stands out as a unanimous favorite:

  1. Tarifa, Spain: A logical choice for European kitesurfers, Tarifa boasts strong winds, warm weather (though the waters are a bit cooler), and an incredible off-the-water atmosphere. Situated in the south of Spain, Tarifa offers a vibrant town with charming vibes, making it an all-inclusive summer hotspot.
  2. Egypt: May signals the beginning of Kite Safari season in Egypt, and it’s the perfect time for kitesurfing cruises. Blessed with six windy days and a well-deserved windless day for relaxation and night festivities, Egypt provides warm waters without the need for wetsuits. Stable winds and a cozy boat create an ideal setting for both on and off-water enjoyment.
  3. Mauritius: Le Morne in Mauritius, with its stunning lagoons for twin tips and iconic waves like Manawa and One Eye, remains a dream destination. While I couldn’t make it this year, the promise to return lingers. Mauritius offers a unique blend of natural beauty, making it a captivating kitesurfing haven, even if the nightlife might be a bit mellow with just a cool bar in town.

As summer unfolds, these kitesurfing paradises beckon enthusiasts to revel in the thrill of wind and waves, creating unforgettable moments both on and off the water. Whether it’s the vibrant nights of Tarifa, the serene cruises in Egypt, or the breathtaking landscapes of Mauritius, May sets the stage for an epic kitesurfing adventure.

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